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The Force MDs Advanced "Unsung" Documentary Screening

Saturday, August 29th  Doors Open at 4:30PM

Making claims is an American past time, but assertions seldom hold up in a court of life. Who are the Force MDs? Empirical evidence shows Staten Island was a part of the music scoring the movie called The Eighties, and always delivered with heartfelt sincerity. A hybrid of Frankie Lymon, the Jackson Five, and Hip Hop elements from the Bronx and Harlem produced one of the greatest shows on earth. The first time Doo Wop met Hip Hop it rode on a ferry boat, and the uniform was a sailor’s cap and a capital F on the chest. Who are the Force MDs? Sons. Brothers. Nephews. Fathers. Their sound deeply resonated and reminded us all how Tender Love is. 


The Force MDs Unsung is a documentary about tragedy, determination, and the resurrection of the voices behind some of the most memorable songs in American history. Gentlemen hold your ladies; TCD, Mercury, Trisco, Jessie D, Dr. Rock, Khalil, and Stevie D… these are your Force MDs! 

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