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Before you can MASTER you must PLAN! 

WE deal with the BELIEVERS first!


About the Hip Hop Hands Foundation


Somewhere in the atmosphere it’s agreed the value of a culture is only as good as its preservation.  Truth, wisdom and artifacts are currency and must be safeguarded, or the rich foundation of a culture’s history will be fragmented and carelessly lost.  The purpose of the Hip Hop Hands Foundation is to protect and Preserve Rap Music’s Elders and their legacies.

Charitable contributions allow us to advance our vision of counteracting ageism by using resources to Provide Elders opportunities to educate.  

The Hip Hop Hands Foundation will Partner with any progressive individual, organization or program assisting the Rap community and its Veterans in need.


History of the Hip Hop Hands Foundation


Hip Hop Hands’ founder Destin Soul’s intimate relationship with Rap Music’s Veterans exposed a horrible truth.  Those who provided the musical antidote for our emotional and psychological challenges were in personal, financial and historical crisis.  Soul quickly realized record companies, artist management and fans had failed!  It was in 2008 when he had an epiphany, wanting to establish an organization to combat the multitude of issues plaguing the Rap community. 

Much of what happens in life is met with resistance; there was no shortage of cynics.  When pitching the idea, Soul found the superstructure of the music industry and the media weren’t interested.  The neophytes enjoying success were disgustingly dismissive.  Traumatized Veterans even shouted, “Nothin’ is free,” and found it impossible to trust or believe.


Soul’s optimism and dedication was instantly tested.  By building and personally funding preservation efforts, and serving as a part-time financial lifeline, Soul was determined to set the progressive example.  He was devoted to being the pebble causing the ripple to something paramount.  It took seven years, but now with the help of a solid team, the Hip Hop Hands Foundation is finally alive and ready to PRESERVE, PROVIDE and PARTNER! Are you down?! 

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