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Hip Hop Hands Foundation Library

The essential function of the Hip Hop Hands Foundation library is: to present uncorrupted knowledge and information to the average citizen, to safeguard history in this complex and challenging world of cultural preservation, and to provide tangible goods committed to self-education by collecting, organizing, preserving and dissemination.


The Hip Hop Hands Foundation champions everyone’s rights to access the richness of human expression in all its recorded forms. 


Click Here to get more informaton on the books produced by the Foundation

The Ladybug Collection

Hip Hop Hands Foundation kid advisor, Mayumi Ladybug Soul, has been involved in True Hip Hop Memoirs since she could speak. Now at ten, she has inherited an extensive collection of vinyl records she calls, The Ladybug Collection. Extracted from her collection are eighty record covers she’s made into an exhibit called, Rappin’ Black.


Mayumi says, “I am passionate about educating kids my age about the legends of the past, and I am doing my part in preserving OUR history any way I can.”  


Click here to view the collection.

About the Soulseum

The Soulseum is an archive dedicated to the preservation of Hip Hop. When graduating to a museum, we will reach all generations through our collections and exhibitions. 


The Soulseum also intends on providing educational programs and true scholarship to the most popular culture of all time.  Click Here to take a sneak peek into our Archives! 


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